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Stabbed to death in Gush Etzion

Dvir Sorek, 19, Hesder student at Ohr Torah Mahanayim

Stabbed to death in Gush Etzion

August 8, 2019 - Dvir Sorek, 19, from the settlement Ofra and a soldier in the IDF Hesder program was found dead near Kibbutz Migdal Oz in the early hours of Thursday morning. 

Dvir Sorek, 19, from the settlement Ofra, was in the IDF Hesder program, by which he would have both served as a soldier and studied in yeshiva. The IDF is therefore treating him as if he was already a soldier.
Troops began searching the area following a report received by the military close to midnight that a teenage boy had been missing since late evening when he sent a message that he was on his way back to his yeshiva from Jerusalem. The search located his cellphone near the community of Neve Daniel before his body was found nearby at 3 a.m. with multiple stab wounds.
Sorek was returning from a trip to Jerusalem back to the Machanaim Yeshiva, which is between Efrat and Migdal Oz in the Gush Etzion region, after having purchased some books for his rabbis as an end-of-year gift to them on behalf of his classmates.
Dvir Sorek was murdered 19 years after his maternal grandfather, Rabbi Binyamin Herling, was shot dead in a terror attack near Nablus in October 2000.  
Survived by his parents Rachel and Yoav, and six siblings: Shahar, 24, Noa, 23, Ruth, 21, Binyamin, 15, Eitan,13, and Uri, 9. was laid to rest Thursday evening at the cemetery in Ofra.
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