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Ze'ev Etzion, 55, and Shahar Melamed, 43, of Kibbutz Nirim

Two killed, one wounded by Gaza mortar fire on Eshkol

Ze'ev Etzion, 55, and Shahar Melamed, 43, of Kibbutz Nirim

Aug 26, 2014 - Ze'ev Etzion, 55, and Shahar Melamed, 43, of Kibbutz Nirim were killed and four wounded in a mortar attack from Gaza, just one hour before a ceasefire went into effect.

Shortly before 6 pm, while a team was repairing the electricity line damaged earlier, a mortar barrage was directed at the kibbutz. Ze'ev Etzion, the security head of Kibbutz Nirim who accompanied the team of electricians, was killed. Five others were wounded. Ze'ev's deputy, Shahar Melamed, mortally wounded, died several hours later.
Ze'evik, father of 5, served as security head of the kibbutz for many years and was devoted to his work. He also served for the past 30 years as a volunteer in Magen David Adom and was the kibbutz ambulance driver. He was also active in the social and cultural life of the kibbutz and did everything with a huge smile.
According to their friends, the two were mainstays of the kibbutz, who remained there with their families during the difficult period of rocket and mortar fire. "Throughout the operation in Gaza, they were everywhere, responding to every appeal from kibbutz members. Their death is a very painful loss."
Shahar, father of 3, a devoted family man, was born on Kibbutz Nirim. He was responsible for the irrigation of the kibbutz field crops and, as a former security head, also played an active part in maintaining security of the kibbutz.
Ze'ev Etzion is survived by his wife Nava and their five children: Maayan, Gil, Omer, Tal and Neta.
Shahar Melamed was be buried in the Kibbutz Nirim cemetery. He is survived by his wife Anat and their three children: Shahaf, Einav and Gefen.
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