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Sergeant 1st Class Dovid Yehudah Yitzchak, 23

Soldier Killed in Jenin

Sergeant 1st Class Dovid Yehudah Yitzchak, 23

July 4, 2023 - An Israeli soldier was fatally shot in the city of Jenin as Israeli forces began their withdrawal from the area after a major operation that had lasted nearly two days.

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed that the soldier, a non-commissioned officer from the elite Egoz commando unit, received immediate medical treatment at the scene before being transferred to an Israeli hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.
The soldier was later identified as Sergeant 1st Class Dovid Yehudah Yitzchak, 23, H’yd, of Beit El. Dovid Yehudah, z’l, is survived by his parents, Moshe and Emunah, and six siblings. His levaya took place on Wednesday at 4 p.m. at the Har Herzl military cemetery.
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