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Hanna Bladon, 23, was a British student

Student murdered in Jerusalem stabbing attack

Hanna Bladon, 23, was a British student

April 14, 2017 - The British student who was killed in a terror attack in Jerusalem on Friday is Hannah Bladon of England. She arrived at the Hebrew University as part of a student exchange program, for only one semester.

Bladon was killed after being stabbed multiple times in the chest in a terror attack at IDF Square on Jerusalem’s light rail on Friday afternoon.

Bladon, 23, came to Jerusalem from the University of Birmingham, where she studied theology. As part of the exchange program, she participated in courses at the Rothberg International School at the Hebrew University, including courses on the Bible, archeology and religion. She additionally studied Hebrew at an ulpan. She began her studies at the Hebrew University in late January, and was due to return to Britain at the end of this semester, during the summer.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem expressed deep sorrow this evening over the murder and said it shared the family's sorrow. "The university condemns such acts of terror, murder and vandalism, which harm innocent people who came to Jerusalem to study and enrich their academic knowledge," read the statement.

 Following the attack, a spokeswoman from the British Consulate stated, “We can confirm the tragic death of a British national in Jerusalem. We are providing support to her family at this difficult time and are in touch with local authorities.”

 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the attack with a statement, saying that "Radical Islamic terrorism is striking capitals around the world. This time is struck Jerusalem. In the name of the entire People of Israel, I send my condolences to the victim's family."

 The terrorist was arrested after a number of police officers managed to apprehend him. He was later identified as 57-year-old Jamil Tamimi from the Palestinian neighborhood of Ras al-Amud.

 The investigation into the attack revealed that the terrorist boarded the light train at the Nablus Gate station, riding the train until IDF Square. When he noticed a young woman standing next to him, he pulled out a knife and began stabbing her repeatedly.

 An off-duty policeman from the Jerusalem police who was with his family at the time recognized the incident as a terror attack, pulled the emergency brake on the train and neutralized the terrorist while removing the knife. A civilian who was nearby also helped neutralize the terrorist.

 At this point the train stopped, the doors were opened and the police force, which was deployed as part of the increased preparations in the city, entered the car and arrested the terrorist and evacuated the other passengers.

"I went on the light rail with my family, and I heard shouts of 'attack, attack,'" said the office who managed to stop the terrorist. "I immediately went over, pulled on the handbrake, ran to the scene of the event, attacked the terrorist and took control of him, so he would not continue to harm any innocent people."

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